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Garage door repair Woodland Hills CA

Looking for garage door repair service in Woodland Hills California? We will help! We offer same day repair service for residential and commercial garage doors in Woodland Hills CA, including broken spring repair and garage door opener installation.

overhead door woodland hills

Need a new garage door? We are here for you. From custom made wooden overhead doors, to insulated doors that are automated, MY Garage doors will help. We offer same-day garage door service so you can be certain that someone will be there for you.

Spring repair

The spring snapped? No stresses. Fortunately, a broken garage door spring does not mean that it is time to replace the doorway and use a fresh one, since there is a broken spring a typical issue in regards to overhead doors. An excellent garage door tech can locate and match the proper spring on your garage door which will allow it to be simple to open the door and also to lock it. In the event the spring broke, you get in touch with a garage door company that fix garage doors, and should immediately cease utilizing the garage door.

Motor repair

The motor stopped working? You don't have to panic. With our same day opener repair and setup, we can help you to get your electric garage door working again, by repairing the existing motor, or by replacing it using a higher quality motor like Lift master, that's our favored brand. You should know that if there is something wrong with the door, and you'll try and work with it although there is an issue, you may create a larger damage, as well as place yourself in risk. The very best thing for you are to discontinue utilizing the door, and contact a garage door company in Woodland Hills that mend overhead garage doors. Garage door repair woodland hills

Garage door maintenance

The garage door care is what help the garage door work better, and what maintain the regions of the door and improve its movement. Don't ignore the demand for care every 6 months, that each and every garage door should receive at least. A superb maintenance should include security test and tune for the springs, the opener and equilibrium . Do not wait until it is too late, and until your garage door will want some added repair, something that going to cost you much more time and cash. We offer same day garage door maintenance in Woodland Hills California, and all you should do will be to give us a call.

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